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XSLTListViewerWebPart with Custom List view

Locate the Views node in the list definition schema.xml file, add a new view entry, giving it a new unique baseviewid (using an already in use baseviewid will inherit the others settings without allowing you to customize anything set it the previous views using that id*); I generally start with 101 and increment from there. Set all the view settings you want, such as sorting, filters, columns, etc, and save it.

In the elements.xml file of the module containing the web part page you want to add the custom view to, add a new view node (or use an existing one) and set the BaseViewID of the view to the ID you used in the schema.xml file.

Now if you want to do this when you don’t have a list definition (schema.xml) to edit it is not supported out of the box completely in SharePoint templates. I will discuss further shortly, as we had a specific set of customizations to make and most solutions where maintenance heavy (hard-coded or implementation specific), where I instead implemented a generic method to reuse for any view.

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